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Project Title Faculty Department/Program    
Project Title Faculty Department/Program
Whites Against Supremacy: Cross-racial Alliance in the U.S. Movement for Black Lives Russo, Chandra SOANSociology and Anthropology SOAN Russo
Data Science Collaboratory Developer Cipolli, Will MATHMathematics Library MATH LIBR Cipolli
Environmental water sampling and monitoring Tseng, Linda ENSTEnvironmental Studies Physics and Astronomy ENST PHYS Tseng
Understanding how ruthenium-catalyzed hydrogenation reactions work Chianese, Anthony CHEMChemistry CHEM Chianese
Synthesis of Metabolically Stable Tn Antigen Mimics with Conformational Integrity Nolen, Ernie CHEMChemistry CHEM Nolen
Polar and Planetary Research: Water track sediment chemistry and Mars landform evolution Levy, Joe GEOLGeology GEOL Levy
STEM teaching and learning by design: Leveraging qualitative research to understand pedagogy and practice Gardner, Meg EDUCEducational Studies EDUC Gardner
Abolitionism and the Underground Railroad in Central New York Hodges, Graham HISTHistory Africana and Latin American Studies HIST ALST Hodges
A Social and Environmental History of Agrichemicals Roller, Heather HISTHistory HIST Roller
Developing Novel Electrocatalysts for Challenging Chemical Transformations Related to Renewable Energy Sciences Hu, Gongfang CHEMChemistry CHEM Hu
Conservation Paleobiology in the Northern Gulf of Mexico Harnik, Paul GEOLGeology GEOL Harnik
The effect of artificial light at night (ALAN) on brain and behavioral development. Liu, Wan-chun PYSCPsychological and Brain Sciences Neuroscience PYSC NEUR Liu
Syntheses of Pophyrinoids with Altered Core Structures Geier, Rick CHEMChemistry CHEM Geier

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