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Project Title Faculty Department/Program    
Project Title Faculty Department/Program
test ITSSInformation Technology Services ITSS
Understanding how ruthenium-catalyzed hydrogenation reactions work Chianese, Anthony CHEMChemistry CHEM Chianese
Thermal stress in dogs Jimenez, Ana BIOLBiology BIOL Jimenez
Synthesis of Metabolically Stable Tn Antigen Mimics with Conformational Integrity Nolen, Ernie CHEMChemistry CHEM Nolen
Data Science Collaboratory Developers Cipolli, Will LIBRLibrary Mathematics LIBR MATH Cipolli
Survivors of the Underground Railroad after the Civil War Hodges, Graham HISTHistory HIST Hodges
Syntheses of Pophyrinoids with Altered Core Structures Geier, Rick CHEMChemistry CHEM Geier
Conservation Paleobiology in the Northern Gulf of Mexico Harnik, Paul GEOLGeology GEOL Harnik
The Effect of the Pandemic on Citizen Attitudes and Behaviors in the People's Republic of China Hsu, Carolyn L. ANSTAsian Studies Sociology and Anthropology ANST SOAN Hsu
Earthworm Ecology in the Northeast McCay, Tim BIOLBiology Environmental Studies BIOL ENST McCay
Development of a spaceflight rock dating spectrometer Levine, Jonathan PHYSPhysics and Astronomy PHYS Levine
Astrophysical objects as Dark Matter probes Ilie, Cosmin PHYSPhysics and Astronomy PHYS Ilie
Using an expanded genetic code to study selenoprotein function Peeler, Jenny CHEMChemistry CHEM Peeler
A Shared Toxic History: Communities of Exposure in Rural America Roller, Heather HISTHistory HIST Roller
Biological Materials for Electronic Devices and Functional Surfaces Adhikari, Ramesh PHYSPhysics and Astronomy PHYS Adhikari
Rewilding: A Micro Festival of Works by Romina Paula in Two Parts: Laboratory #1 & #2 Sweeney, April THEATheater THEA Sweeney
Characterization of Reactive Transients in Heterogeneous Atmospheric Photochemistry Woods, Ephraim CHEMChemistry CHEM Woods
Whites Against Supremacy: Cross-racial Alliance in the U.S. Movement for Black Lives Russo, Chandra SOANSociology and Anthropology SOAN Russo
Investigating the scalability and performance of a network performance experiment metadata collection tool Sommers, Joel COSCComputer Science COSC Sommers
A Combinatorial and Geometric Approach to Studying Electrical Networks Davis, Rob MATHMathematics MATH Davis
Exploring the microbiome Belanger, Ken BIOLBiology BIOL Belanger
Antarctic Paleoclimate Records Leventer, Amy GEOLGeology GEOL Leventer
Learning from Network History Gember-Jacobson, Aaron COSCComputer Science COSC Gember-Jacobson
The Needham Questioning: of the Unquestionable Wang, Jing EALLEast Asian Languages and Literatures Asian Studies EALL ANST Wang
Virtual Galapagos: Design and Development of an Interactive Online Educational Resource for Children to Learn Science Harpp, Karen GEOLGeology GEOL Harpp
A Geochemical Investigation of the Galapagos Mantle Plume Harpp, Karen GEOLGeology GEOL Harpp
Explosive volcanic eruptions and the magmas that drive them Koleszar, Alison GEOLGeology GEOL Koleszar
Noh K’uh Archaeological Project 2022 Juarez, Santiago SOANSociology and Anthropology SOAN Juarez
The Sultan's Silks: Archaeological Textiles from Medieval Iranian Tombs ARTSArt and Art History ARTS
Artifacts of Safe Space in Schools Woolley, Susan EDUCEducational Studies EDUC Woolley
Genesis of Adirondack graphite deposits Peck, William GEOLGeology GEOL Peck
Tectonic affinity of the Frontenac terrane, Ontario Peck, William GEOLGeology GEOL Peck
Investigating Gravitational Lensing with Singular Light Beams Galvez, Kiko PHYSPhysics and Astronomy PHYS Galvez
Exploring Antarctic Permafrost Thaw with Drone Imaging and Laboratory Analyses Levy, Joe GEOLGeology GEOL Levy
Novel Communications Encoding with Twisting Optical Beams Galvez, Kiko PHYSPhysics and Astronomy PHYS Galvez
Using Quantum Entanglement to Diagnose Disease Galvez, Kiko PHYSPhysics and Astronomy PHYS Galvez
New Chemical Tools to Study Biological Systems Goldberg, Jacob CHEMChemistry CHEM Goldberg
Optical Variability of Quasars and Stars at the Colgate Observatory Balonek, Thomas PHYSPhysics and Astronomy PHYS Balonek
Impact of climate change on barnacle exoskeleton formation Metzler, Rebecca PHYSPhysics and Astronomy Biology PHYS BIOL Metzler
Optical analysis of biological materials Metzler, Rebecca PHYSPhysics and Astronomy PHYS Metzler
A paleontological window into climate change impact on marine shells Metzler, Rebecca PHYSPhysics and Astronomy Geology PHYS GEOL Metzler
Creative Writing fellows Brice, Jennifer ENGLEnglish ENGL Brice
Computer Science and Mathematics Meet Biology Ay, Ahmet COSCComputer Science Mathematics Biology COSC MATH BIOL Ay
Stem and progenitor cell signaling in fish sensory systems Meyers, Jason BIOLBiology Neuroscience BIOL NEUR Meyers
The Serial City: A Translation of The Wandering Life of Sanmao, 1947-1948 Crespi, John EALLEast Asian Languages and Literatures Asian Studies EALL ANST Crespi
Density Functional Theory Examination of Electronic Structure, Spectroscopy and Mechanism in Transition Metal Systems Keith, Jason CHEMChemistry CHEM Keith
Researching “Revolutionary-era American Pamphlet Literature in Context: a Documentary History, 1764-1776,” and “Recent Scholarship Exploring The Federalist, 1787-1788,” Shain, Barry POSCPolitical Science POSC Shain
Molecular Analysis of Development in C. elegans Van Wynsberghe, Priscilla BIOLBiology BIOL Van Wynsberghe
Post-Synthetic Modification of Materials for Carbon Dioxide Separations CHEMChemistry CHEM
Analyzing air pollution samples from Uganda Parks, Beth PHYSPhysics and Astronomy PHYS Parks
Modeling heat flow through building walls Parks, Beth PHYSPhysics and Astronomy PHYS Parks
An experiment with sound archive Cui, Yi ARTSArt and Art History ARTS Cui
Bioaerosol and ice nuclei in Central New York Perring, Anne CHEMChemistry CHEM Perring
Intermolecular Structure at the Protein-Water Interface Muller, Eric CHEMChemistry CHEM Muller
Microplastics adsorption of chemicals Tseng, Linda ENSTEnvironmental Studies Physics and Astronomy ENST PHYS Tseng
Deep Earth Imaging of the Alaskan Subduction Zone Adams, Aubreya GEOLGeology GEOL Adams
Arctic-Asian connections in the 21st century Graybill, Jessica RESTRussian & Eurasian Studies REST Graybill
Artificial Neurons using Superconductors Segall, Ken PHYSPhysics and Astronomy PHYS Segall
Inventory Colgate’s landholdings using GIS Scull, Peter GEOGGeography Environmental Studies GEOG ENST Scull
Investigations of Transition Metal Catalyzed CH activations CHEMChemistry CHEM
Synthesis of Indole-Fused Heterocycles through a Cascade Thiocyanation and Cyclization Mei, Liangyong CHEMChemistry CHEM Mei

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