Project Overview

Whites Against Supremacy: Cross-racial Alliance in the U.S. Movement for Black Lives

Faculty Sponsor

Chandra Russo (


Sociology and Anthropology


This research examines the promises and pitfalls of whites organizing against anti-Black racism in the current sociopolitical moment. Though a few studies have examined white antiracists in previous eras, white people’s collective action in alignment with the Movement for Black Lives has gone largely understudied. The study includes interviews, participant observation, and the qualitative analysis of media generated by and about a national organization of white people committed to anti-racist action. It asks how activists approach building a critical base of anti-racist whites, and in so doing, seeks to identify the strategies that can lead to enhanced accountability and efficacy in grassroots, cross-racial efforts to dismantle white supremacy.

Student Qualifications

Student applicants must have training and experience in qualitative research in the social sciences, with a strong preference for experience with MAXQDA. Experience working with is preferred. Must have experience and facility with Excel-type documents (Google Sheets).

Number of Student Researchers

1 student

Project Length

8 weeks


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