Project Overview

Development of small-molecule modulators of propanediol dehydratase

Faculty Sponsor

Jacob Moose (




This project involves the initial steps towards finding molecules that may be able to treat Crohn’s disease. Propanediol dehydratase (PD) has been implicated in the immune response involved that causes gastrointestinal inflammation suffered by Crohn’s disease patients. Molecules capable of modulating PD activity would be helpful to build a more complete image of the viability of PD as a pharmaceutical target for the treatment of Crohn’s. The lab will be optimizing the current PD activity assay to aid in rapid discovery of small-molecule modulators of PD while utilizing virtual screening techniques to identify and synthesize molecules of interest.

Student Qualifications

CHEM 102 or CHEM 111

Number of Student Researchers

1-2 student

Project Length

6-8 weeks

Applications open on 10/03/2023 and close on 02/28/2024

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