Project Overview

Military Veterans in Congress, 1789-Present

Faculty Sponsor

Danielle Lupton (


Political Science


How do military veterans in the U.S. Congress shape foreign and defense policy? In order to tackle this question, we need to have a full accounting of which military veterans have served in Congress and what their military experience looked like. For this project, student(s) will engage in extensive historical qualitative research to determine the military backgrounds of veterans in Congress from 1789 to the present. This includes engaging with primary and historical sources. The ultimate goal of the project will be to create a publicly available dataset.

Student Qualifications

-Familiarity with excel
-Keen attention to detail
-Experience conducting qualitative research preferred

Number of Student Researchers

1 student

Project Length

Up to 10 weeks

Applications open on 10/03/2023 and close on 02/28/2024

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If you have questions, please contact Karyn Belanger (