Project Overview

Understanding invasion by "crazy worms"

Faculty Sponsor

Tim McCay (


Environmental Studies


Megascolecid earthworms, which come from Asia, are colonizing North America. Currently, scientists have little basic knowledge of the traits of these species that will dictate the habitats that they will ultimately inhabit and how quickly they will invade them. We will be conducting a series of observational and experimental studies during summer 2017 to better understand the life histories, behavior, and ecology of three of these invasive species. Students are needed from July 10 to August 25 (7 weeks) with the possibility of continuing the work into the autumn academic term.

Student Qualifications

Ability to work in the field, including under adverse conditions. A Colgate van license or willingness to obtain a Colgate van license is required. Students should enjoy working with live animals, including earthworms. Coursework in biology or chemistry is preferred but not required.

Number of Student Researchers

2 students

Project Length

7 weeks

Applications open on 01/15/2017 and close on 02/07/2017

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