Project Overview

Perspective tiled floors in paintings for a 3D blueprint in Processing

Faculty Sponsor

Elodie Fourquet (


Computer Science


This project is at the intersection of art and computer graphics. Finding and analyzing work of arts is required to design a programming approach that facilitates the simulation of depth in an image. Specifically, the construction to draw a the tiled floor in perspective was created by Renaissance artists. Based on the intersection of lines this ground structure permits to compose a realistic scene by 2D computations, since the geometry is carried solely within the image plane. This project requires the students to assemble a set of paintings (library and Artstor research), each of which including a tiled floor structure. The first stage will consist in analyzing the floor perspective and its implications on the rest of the 3D volumes comprised in the depicted scene. The corpus has to span arts periods so as to determine similarities and contrasts. Then using the commonalities found in analyzing these works of art, students will design and prototype code in the Processing language to encode the ground structure of a tiled floor. This blueprint sets the principal perspective, enabling a 3D space to compose the image depth.

Student Qualifications

One year experience in computer science is required. COSC 101, followed by COSC 102 is appropriate; FSEM 131, followed by COSC 101 is also appropriate. Interests in Arts is the other fundamental qualification. Courses like ARTS 100 (or its FSEM equivalent) or beyond, other ones developing artistic practices and/or appreciation, such as THEA 252, FMST, may be demonstration of the art curiosity and/or craftsmanship.

Number of Student Researchers

2 students

Project Length

8 weeks

Applications open on 01/15/2017 and close on 02/07/2017

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