Project Overview

Colgate Bicentennial: Rewriting Colgate's History

Faculty Sponsor

Jennifer Hull (




Colgate Bicentennial: Rewriting Colgate's History
This project invites two student researchers to join a team that is rewriting Colgate’s history in preparation for Colgate’s 2018-19 Bicentennial. The focus for summer 2018: researching and creating digital history resources for the bicentennial. Working with Jennifer Hull (Bicentennial Research Fellow and visiting assistant professor of history), the students will make history – digging through historical documents and images about Colgate, making sense of (and organizing) them, drafting initial copy for biographical and topical projects, and sharing new ideas with a broader team working on Colgate history. We are making special efforts to open Colgate’s story to people and ideas that have not always been included, such as people of color, women, global connections, and local stories.
Candidates will be:  
The researcher will take away a deep, practical understanding of historical research (applicable to any career that requires research); and expertise in Colgate history (generating research projects for future courses). The researcher may also become a Colgate history “ambassador,” sharing Colgate’s story with the broader community.

Student Qualifications

The students will need basic historical research skills, ideally developed in a Colgate history class or through previous work in University Archives and Special Collections. This includes the ability to parse and problematize documents; the patience to endure the frustrations of undecipherable handwriting and needle-in-haystack searches; excellent written and oral communication skills (to allow sharing of ideas); strong organizational skills (for note-taking and source identification); the ability to work independently on assigned tasks; and a passion for the project of “remapping” Colgate’s history to open it to new pathways and entrypoints.

Number of Student Researchers

2 students

Project Length

6 weeks

Applications open on 01/05/2018 and close on 02/05/2018

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