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Data Science Collaboratory Developer

Faculty Sponsor

Will Cipolli (




Develop RShiny applications and work on projects with Colgate's Data Science Collaboratory!

The Data Science Collaboratory at Colgate University develops and maintains R Shiny applications that provide standard and advanced statistical procedures for humanists, natural scientists, and social scientists who are increasingly using statistical models to analyze geospatial data, social networks, and textual corpora and evaluate hypotheses about the world. These applications will make powerful analyses in R available in a point-and-click application using R Shiny, removing the steep learning curve of a new programming language and making Colgate the place where data science is accessible to everyone. 

We have worked with our students to develop applications that reflect the topics covered in the statistics curriculum at Colgate and the collaborative research we conduct as a collaboratory. We are currently looking for two summer research students to help us continue developing and maintaining these applications. This process involves working collaboratively with researchers on campus to create tools that aid in repeating and reproducing important analyses from their research.

Student Qualifications

Number of Student Researchers

2 students

Project Length

10 weeks

Applications open on 11/03/2022 and close on 02/03/2023

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