Project Title Faculty Department/Program    
Project Title Faculty Department/Program
Mechanistic Studies of Ruthenium-Catalyzed Hydrogenation Reactions Chianese, Anthony CHEMChemistry CHEM Chianese
Cellular determinants of aging in large and small breeds of dogs Jimenez, Ana BIOLBiology BIOL Jimenez
Applications of Density Functional Theory to Chemical Reaction Mechanisms Keith, Jason CHEMChemistry CHEM Keith
Automating Active Measurement Metadata Collection and Analysis Sommers, Joel COSCComputer Science COSC Sommers
The Role of Land-Use Policy on Shaping Biodiversity in the Sierra San Pedro Ma´rtir region of Baja California, Mexico Pattison, Andrew ENSTEnvironmental Studies ENST Pattison
Regulation and Environmental Risks in Mortgage Lending Connolly, Michael ECONEconomics ECON Connolly
Organic Synthesis of a Tumor-Associated Carbohydrate Antigen Mimic for Immunological Studies Nolen, Ernie CHEMChemistry CHEM Nolen
Cross-cultural perceptions of women and leadership: Focus on the Middle East Keating, Carrie PYSCPsychological and Brain Sciences PYSC Keating
Cincinnati Museum of Art Classical Galleries, Decolonizing Intervention Marlowe, Elizabeth ARTSArt and Art History ARTS Marlowe
Descendants of the Underground Railroad Hodges, Graham HISTHistory Africana and Latin American Studies HIST ALST Hodges
Staging Cinema: Performance, Vocality, and Liveness in 1920s Cinema Simonson, Mary FMSTFilm and Media Studies FMST Simonson
Syntheses of Pophyrinoids with Altered Core Structures and Related Compounds Geier, Rick CHEMChemistry CHEM Geier
Practical bug detection in software implementations of routing protocols Gember-Jacobson, Aaron COSCComputer Science COSC Gember-Jacobson
Effects of monoamine neurotransmitters and serotonergic receptor subtypes on animal behavior. Tierney, Ann Jane NEURNeuroscience Psychological and Brain Sciences NEUR PYSC Tierney
Natural carbon sequestration in Adirondack mine wastes Peck, William GEOLGeology GEOL Peck
Researching “Revolutionary-era American Pamphlet Literature in Context: a Documentary History, 1764-1776,” and “Recent Scholarship Exploring The Federalist, 1787-1788. Shain, Barry POSCPolitical Science POSC Shain
New Chemical Tools to Study Biological Systems Goldberg, Jacob CHEMChemistry CHEM Goldberg
The Needham Question: Rethinking Methods Wang, Jing EALLEast Asian Languages and Literatures EALL Wang
Molecular Analysis of Development in C. elegans Van Wynsberghe, Priscilla BIOLBiology BIOL Van Wynsberghe
Marine Sedimentary Records from the Antarctic Leventer, Amy GEOLGeology GEOL Leventer
Field Ecology of Earthworms McCay, Tim BIOLBiology Environmental Studies BIOL ENST McCay
Economics Research Scrimgeour, Dean ECONEconomics ECON Scrimgeour
Virtual Galapagos: An Innovative, Interactive Science Outreach Project Harpp, Karen GEOLGeology GEOL Harpp
Deep Earth Imaging of the Alaskan Subduction Zone Adams, Aubreya GEOLGeology GEOL Adams
Effects of anti-depressants on nitric oxide released from glial cells Yoshino, Jun NEURNeuroscience NEUR Yoshino
Heterogeneous Photochemistry of Tropospheric Aerosol Particles Woods, Ephraim CHEMChemistry CHEM Woods
Characterization of mutations associated with body size differences in dogs Hoopes, Barbara BIOLBiology BIOL Hoopes
Examining signaling between zebrafish sensory stem and progenitor cells Meyers, Jason BIOLBiology Neuroscience BIOL NEUR Meyers
Cellular Responses to Mammalian Reovirus Infection Holm, Geoff BIOLBiology BIOL Holm
Optical Variability of Quasars and Stars at the Colgate Observatory Balonek, Thomas PHYSPhysics and Astronomy PHYS Balonek
Dark Matter and Stellar Evolution Ilie, Cosmin PHYSPhysics and Astronomy PHYS Ilie
Vertebrate Segmentation: From Gene Networks to Human Diseases Ay, Ahmet COSCComputer Science Mathematics Biology COSC MATH BIOL Ay
Deciphering Cancer With Biological Networks Ay, Ahmet COSCComputer Science Mathematics Biology COSC MATH BIOL Ay
The Ecophysiology of Polyploidy in the Fern Genus Dryopteris. Watkins, Eddie BIOLBiology BIOL Watkins
Understanding the geometry of mutual information within neuroelectric state-space Hansen, Bruce NEURNeuroscience Psychological and Brain Sciences Mathematics NEUR PYSC MATH Hansen
A multi-epoch spectroscopic study of accretion and outflow signatures in binary T Tauri systems Bary, Jeff PHYSPhysics and Astronomy PHYS Bary
Xaltocan Archaeological Project 2020 Juarez, Santiago SOANSociology and Anthropology SOAN Juarez
Artificial Neurons Using Superconductors Segall, Ken PHYSPhysics and Astronomy PHYS Segall
Terahertz spectroscopy of carbon nanotubes Parks, Beth PHYSPhysics and Astronomy PHYS Parks
Singular Optics Galvez, Kiko PHYSPhysics and Astronomy PHYS Galvez
Modeling heat transport in insulation measurements Parks, Beth PHYSPhysics and Astronomy PHYS Parks
Testing the diffusion demonstration Parks, Beth PHYSPhysics and Astronomy PHYS Parks
Photon experiments on quantum imaging Galvez, Kiko PHYSPhysics and Astronomy PHYS Galvez
The Impact of White-Tailed Deer on Colgate Forests: Richness, Regeneration Capacity & Carbon Sequestration & Impacts of Mitigative Liming on Soil Nutrient Dynamics Cardelus, Catherine BIOLBiology Environmental Studies BIOL ENST Cardelus
North Urban Paestum Project 2020: Reconstructing the History of the Sanctuary of Athena Ammerman, Rebecca CLASClassics CLAS Ammerman
Measurements of atmospheric bioaerosol and ice nuclei Perring, Anne CHEMChemistry CHEM Perring
Understanding intermolecular interactions and nanoscale morphology in molecular materials and biological structures.   Muller, Eric CHEMChemistry CHEM Muller
Microplastic chemical retention Tseng, Linda ENSTEnvironmental Studies Physics and Astronomy ENST PHYS Tseng
Quantitative microbial risk assessment along coastal Los Angeles Tseng, Linda ENSTEnvironmental Studies Physics and Astronomy ENST PHYS Tseng
Creative Writing Fellowships Brice, Jennifer ENGLEnglish ENGL Brice
What are the Causes and Consequences of Maximizing Tendencies? Shiner, Rebecca PYSCPsychological and Brain Sciences PYSC Shiner
Biominerals: exploring composition, structure, and function Metzler, Rebecca PHYSPhysics and Astronomy PHYS Metzler
Exploration of Maker Technologies / Education in the Liberal Arts Nugent, Jeff ITSSInformation Technology Services ITSS Nugent
Ice-Sediment Interactions on Earth and Mars: Planetary Mapping and Geological Laboratory Analyses Levy, Joe GEOLGeology GEOL Levy
Modeling and Mapping the Historical Colgate Campus McVaugh, Bob ARTSArt and Art History ARTS McVaugh
News Framing of Police Killings of Unarmed Blacks Simmons, Alicia SOANSociology and Anthropology SOAN Simmons

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