Project Title Faculty Department/Program    
Project Title Faculty Department/Program
Ecophysiology of reproduction in the hybrid fern complex Dryopteris. Watkins, Eddie BIOLBiology BIOL Watkins
Understanding and Engineering Ruthenium Catalysts for Hydrogenation Reactions Chianese, Anthony CHEMChemistry CHEM Chianese
Exploring the multi-scale relationship between structure, composition, and mechanical properties in calcium carbonate biominerals Metzler, Rebecca PHYSPhysics and Astronomy Biology PHYS BIOL Metzler
History of the Underground Railroad Hodges, Graham HISTHistory HIST Hodges
DCMO BOCES Grade Level Reading Campaign Buell, Jesi LIBRLibrary LIBR Buell
Photochemical pathways to the production of secondary organic aerosol Woods, Ephraim CHEMChemistry CHEM Woods
Mapping the neuroelectric state-space geometry of natural scenes Hansen, Bruce NEURNeuroscience Psychological and Brain Sciences Mathematics NEUR PYSC MATH Hansen
Synthesis of Glyco-Amino Acids for Biomedical Studies Nolen, Ernie CHEMChemistry CHEM Nolen
Syntheses of Pophyrinoids with Altered Core Structures and Related Compounds Geier, Rick CHEMChemistry CHEM Geier
Cellular Responses to Mammalian Reovirus Infection Holm, Geoff BIOLBiology BIOL Holm
Automating Active Measurement Metadata Collection and Analysis Sommers, Joel COSCComputer Science COSC Sommers
Study of Native and Exotic Earthworms in the Northeast McCay, Tim BIOLBiology Environmental Studies BIOL ENST McCay
Virtual Galapagos: An Innovative Science Outreach Project Harpp, Karen GEOLGeology GEOL Harpp
Updating Computer Networks One Step at a Time Gember-Jacobson, Aaron COSCComputer Science COSC Gember-Jacobson
Applications of Density Functional Theory to Electronic Structure, Spectroscopy and Mechanism Keith, Jason CHEMChemistry CHEM Keith
“Middle” as Method: Chinese Worldview of Heaven, Earth, and Human Wang, Jing EALLEast Asian Languages and Literatures EALL Wang
France and the Revolution in Saint-Domingue, 1789-1795 Harsin, Jill HISTHistory HIST Harsin
Natural carbon sequestration in Adirondack mine wastes Peck, William GEOLGeology GEOL Peck
Genetic correlates of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) in a refugee population in upstate NY Ingram, Krista BIOLBiology BIOL Ingram
The effect of antidepressants on nitric oxide production in mixed glial cultures Yoshino, Jun NEURNeuroscience NEUR Yoshino
Analyzing airborne particulates to determine sources of Ugandan air pollution Parks, Beth PHYSPhysics and Astronomy Environmental Studies PHYS ENST Parks
Finding Our Beasts: People, Dinosaurs and Science in the American West Shever, Elana SOANSociology and Anthropology Environmental Studies SOAN ENST Shever
Exploring Martian climate through mapping of glacial and permafrost landforms Levy, Joe GEOLGeology GEOL Levy
Molecular Genetics of Body Size in Dogs Hoopes, Barbara BIOLBiology BIOL Hoopes
Where is the limit of life on Earth? Spoilers: In Antarctica Levy, Joe GEOLGeology GEOL Levy
Exposed! Attacking online data repositories to infer sensitive information Hay, Michael COSCComputer Science Mathematics COSC MATH Hay
Control of sensory system progenitor cells Meyers, Jason BIOLBiology Neuroscience BIOL NEUR Meyers
Topological singularities in light beams Galvez, Kiko PHYSPhysics and Astronomy PHYS Galvez
Quantum Ghost Imaging Galvez, Kiko PHYSPhysics and Astronomy PHYS Galvez
Community response to nuclear power plant closures Yamamoto, Dai GEOGGeography GEOG Yamamoto
Staging Cinema: Performance, Liveness, and the Transition to Sound Simonson, Mary FMSTFilm and Media Studies FMST Simonson
News Framing of Police Killings of Unarmed Blacks Simmons, Alicia SOANSociology and Anthropology SOAN Simmons
Numerical Modeling of Superconducting Circuits Segall, Ken PHYSPhysics and Astronomy PHYS Segall
Low temperature testing of superconducting circuits Segall, Ken PHYSPhysics and Astronomy PHYS Segall
Living Writers research Brice, Jennifer ENGLEnglish ENGL Brice
Microplastic chemical retention Tseng, Linda ENSTEnvironmental Studies Physics and Astronomy ENST PHYS Tseng
Monitoring nutrients and trace chemicals in local waters Tseng, Linda ENSTEnvironmental Studies Physics and Astronomy ENST PHYS Tseng
Social influence on the development of vocal learning and brain circuits Liu, Wan-chun PYSCPsychological and Brain Sciences PYSC Liu
Child Sleep, Stress, and Learning Study Philbrook, Lauren PYSCPsychological and Brain Sciences PYSC Philbrook
Internship at Colgate's Museum of the Chenango Valley McCay, Tim BIOLBiology Environmental Studies BIOL ENST McCay
Novel Unnatural Amino Acids to Study the Role of Hydrogen Bonding in Proteins Goldberg, Jacob CHEMChemistry CHEM Goldberg
Eco Arts in NY State Haughwout, Margaretha ARTSArt and Art History ARTS Haughwout
Molecular Analysis of Development in C. elegans Van Wynsberghe, Priscilla BIOLBiology BIOL Van Wynsberghe
Measurements of black carbon aerosol in fire plumes Perring, Anne CHEMChemistry CHEM Perring
North Urban Paestum Project 2019: Researching the Geology and Archaeology of Ancient Paestum in Southern Italy Ammerman, Rebecca CLASClassics CLAS Ammerman
Infrared Vibrational Nano-Spectroscopy of Molecular Materials Muller, Eric CHEMChemistry CHEM Muller
Measurements of primary biological aerosol in Upstate NY Perring, Anne CHEMChemistry CHEM Perring
Optical Variability of Quasars and Stars at the Colgate Observatory Balonek, Thomas PHYSPhysics and Astronomy PHYS Balonek
Arctic Digital Storytelling Graybill, Jessica GEOGGeography Russian & Eurasian Studies GEOG REST Graybill
Launching a Novel: assisting an author with the publication of her second book Hauser, CJ ENGLEnglish ENGL Hauser

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