Project Title Faculty Department/Program    
Project Title Faculty Department/Program
Whites Against Supremacy: Cross-racial Alliance in the U.S. Movement for Black Lives Russo, Chandra SOANSociology and Anthropology SOAN Russo
Data Science Collaboratory Developer Cipolli, Will MATHMathematics Library MATH LIBR Cipolli
Environmental water sampling and monitoring Tseng, Linda ENSTEnvironmental Studies Physics and Astronomy ENST PHYS Tseng
Understanding how ruthenium-catalyzed hydrogenation reactions work Chianese, Anthony CHEMChemistry CHEM Chianese
Synthesis of Metabolically Stable Tn Antigen Mimics with Conformational Integrity Nolen, Ernie CHEMChemistry CHEM Nolen
Polar and Planetary Research: Water track sediment chemistry and Mars landform evolution Levy, Joe GEOLEarth and Environmental Geosciences GEOL Levy
STEM teaching and learning by design: Leveraging qualitative research to understand pedagogy and practice Gardner, Meg EDUCEducational Studies EDUC Gardner
Abolitionism and the Underground Railroad in Central New York Hodges, Graham HISTHistory Africana and Latin American Studies HIST ALST Hodges
A Social and Environmental History of Agrichemicals Roller, Heather HISTHistory HIST Roller
Developing Novel Electrocatalysts for Challenging Chemical Transformations Related to Renewable Energy Sciences Hu, Gongfang CHEMChemistry CHEM Hu
Conservation Paleobiology in the Northern Gulf of Mexico Harnik, Paul GEOLEarth and Environmental Geosciences GEOL Harnik
The effect of artificial light at night (ALAN) on brain and behavioral development. Liu, Wan-chun PYSCPsychological and Brain Sciences Neuroscience PYSC NEUR Liu
Syntheses of Pophyrinoids with Altered Core Structures Geier, Rick CHEMChemistry CHEM Geier
Development of a spaceflight rock-dating mass spectrometer Levine, Jonathan PHYSPhysics and Astronomy PHYS Levine
Military Veterans in Congress, 1789-Present Lupton, Danielle POSCPolitical Science POSC Lupton
Microplastic generation from fabrics Tseng, Linda ENSTEnvironmental Studies Physics and Astronomy ENST PHYS Tseng
Bioaerosol and ice nuclei in Central New York Perring, Anne CHEMChemistry CHEM Perring
Accretion Processes in Young Low Mass Stars, Brown Dwarfs, and Planetary Mass Objects Bary, Jeff PHYSPhysics and Astronomy PHYS Bary
Computer Science and Mathematics Meet Biology Ay, Ahmet COSCComputer Science Mathematics Biology COSC MATH BIOL Ay
Investigating potential correlations between head impacts and changes in the gut microbiome Belanger, Ken BIOLBiology BIOL Belanger
A Geochemical Investigation of the Galapagos Mantle Plume Harpp, Karen GEOLEarth and Environmental Geosciences GEOL Harpp
Virtual Galapagos: An Innovative Science Teaching and Outreach Project Harpp, Karen GEOLEarth and Environmental Geosciences Educational Studies GEOL EDUC Harpp
Exploring the Capacity of New York Municipal Governments to Develop and Implement Climate Change Policies Henke, Chris ENSTEnvironmental Studies Sociology and Anthropology ENST SOAN Henke
Origin of Iron Ore Deposits in the Adirondack Mountains Peck, William GEOLEarth and Environmental Geosciences GEOL Peck
Neutral Inclusions and Cloaking Jimenez Bolanos, Silvia MATHMathematics MATH Jimenez Bolanos
Can targeted modifications of training data improve neural networks’ ability to predict human sentence processing difficulty? Prasad, COSCComputer Science Psychological and Brain Sciences COSC PYSC Prasad
Illuminating the practices of Internet service providers Gember-Jacobson, Aaron COSCComputer Science COSC Gember-Jacobson
Invasive Jumping Worms in the Northeast McCay, Tim BIOLBiology Environmental Studies BIOL ENST McCay
The Mathematics Behind Designing Large-scale Computer Network Isham, Kelly MATHMathematics MATH Isham
Molecular Analysis of Development in C. elegans Van Wynsberghe, Priscilla BIOLBiology BIOL Van Wynsberghe
Modulatory effects of serotonin and dopamine on animal behavior. Tierney, Ann Jane NEURNeuroscience Psychological and Brain Sciences NEUR PYSC Tierney
Antarctic Paleoclimate Leventer, Amy GEOLEarth and Environmental Geosciences GEOL Leventer
New Chemical Tools to Study Biological Systems Goldberg, Jacob CHEMChemistry CHEM Goldberg
Astrophysical objects as Dark Matter probes Ilie, Cosmin PHYSPhysics and Astronomy PHYS Ilie
Molecular Modeling of Electronic Structure, Spectroscopy, and Mechanism in Inorganic Systems Keith, Jason CHEMChemistry CHEM Keith
Older Couples Who Play Together Stay Healthy Together: Shared Activities, Sleep, and Health Tomlinson, Jennifer PYSCPsychological and Brain Sciences PYSC Tomlinson
Facial Recognition and Genetic Tools for Harbor Seal Conservation Ingram, Krista BIOLBiology Computer Science Neuroscience BIOL COSC NEUR Ingram
Optical Variability of Quasars and Stars at the Colgate Observatory Balonek, Thomas PHYSPhysics and Astronomy PHYS Balonek
How much hippo dung do invertebrates eat? Frauendorf, Therese BIOLBiology BIOL Frauendorf
Biological Materials for Electronic Devices and Functional Surfaces Adhikari, Ramesh PHYSPhysics and Astronomy PHYS Adhikari
Child Participant Research Lab Development Dinero, Rachel PYSCPsychological and Brain Sciences PYSC Dinero
Nanoscale Spectroscopy and Imaging of Aqueous Interfaces Muller, Eric CHEMChemistry CHEM Muller
RAVIC: Runtime Analysis Visualizer for Introductory Courses Haldeman, Georgiana COSCComputer Science COSC Haldeman
Deep Earth Imaging of the Alaskan Subduction Zone Adams, Aubreya GEOLEarth and Environmental Geosciences GEOL Adams
Eruptive Mechanisms and the Eruptive Personality of Augustine Volcano, Alaska Koleszar, Alison GEOLEarth and Environmental Geosciences GEOL Koleszar
Living Writers research assistant Brice, Jennifer ENGLEnglish ENGL Brice
Studies of the optical patterns of gravitational lensing Galvez, Kiko PHYSPhysics and Astronomy PHYS Galvez
Study of quantum decoherence in retinal reflections of entangled photons Galvez, Kiko PHYSPhysics and Astronomy PHYS Galvez
Free-space communications with rotating optical beams Galvez, Kiko PHYSPhysics and Astronomy PHYS Galvez
Artificial Neurons using Superconductors Segall, Ken PHYSPhysics and Astronomy PHYS Segall
Using an expanded genetic code to study selenoprotein function Peeler, Jenny CHEMChemistry CHEM Peeler
Signaling in sensory cell progenitors Meyers, Jason BIOLBiology Neuroscience BIOL NEUR Meyers
Reconstruction of Monomial Orders Sosa Castillo, Gabe MATHMathematics MATH Sosa Castillo
Antibiotic resistance in Uganda Frey, Frank BIOLBiology BIOL Frey
Zinc mineralization in Grenville marbles Peck, William GEOLEarth and Environmental Geosciences GEOL Peck

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