Project Overview

Examining social justice oriented teacher identities

Faculty Sponsor

Meg Gardner (




So often, teaching is positioned as a neutral act that can impart a singular truth. This inquiry confronts this notion and re-centers teaching as political. This project looks at how teachers navigate local and national political landscapes to impart on students a broader social understanding of power and privilege. Social justice teaching embodies much more than a series of isolated lessons but involves a deep commitment that pervades every human interaction. This faculty guided research project involves multiple investigations of rural, urban, and suburban contexts were social justice teaching is taking place. Prospective summer fellows for this project require a strong background in qualitative research and proficiency with software packages used to organize data. The summer fellow(s) would be expected to support the Director of Teacher Preparation in a variety of research aspects. Student responsibilities include gathering research articles, create verbatim transcriptions from interviews, and organize initial findings. Students could also be asked to engage in thematic collation of data based on interview transcripts.

Student Qualifications

Upperclassman or graduate level students are preferred for this project based on the intensity of research analysis and the need for participant confidentiality. Previous experience with interview transcription and qualitative data analysis software is preferred.

Number of Student Researchers

1-2 student

Project Length

8-10 weeks

Applications open on 01/05/2018 and close on 02/05/2018

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