Project Overview

Steps towards improvement: A review of Colgate’s teacher preparation program

Faculty Sponsor

Meg Gardner (




Colgate University is the site of a vivid teacher preparation program that develops teachers who have the capacity to view schooling and schooling practices through a critical social lens. Our teacher preparation program supports Colgate students who are interested in reimagining K-12 education to help dismantle structural oppressions that limit the futures of youth from non-dominant backgrounds. In order to achieve our programmatic goals, it is vital that we take an introspective look at the supports and practices that are currently in place at our institution. Reflection on progress made towards internal, state, and national goals will help guide our future instructional and organizational decisions. As part of this summer fellowship, Colgate student interns would work closely with the Director of Teacher Preparation to coalesce evidence and artifacts to highlight our work. Some research of other comparable programs is also required. The summer fellow may also be asked to reach out to alumni to gather a sense of their experience once in the field. Data collection will culminate in a prepared report to help map out progress toward program goals and clarify actionable steps moving forward.

Student Qualifications

Students should have proficiency with word processing programs, in particular excel. A background in statistical analysis and use of programming such as SPSS is preferred.

Number of Student Researchers

1-2 maximum student

Project Length

8-10 weeks weeks

Applications open on 01/05/2018 and close on 02/05/2018

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