Project Overview

Longitudinal data on prosecutions for inter-male sex in Lancashire County, England, 1850-1970

Faculty Sponsor

Ken Valente (


University Studies
LGBTQ Studies


This project involves expanding and enhancing a rich database on prosecutions for inter-male sex in Lancashire County, England, 1850-1970. The extant database -- which is unique in terms of its scope -- exists in a pre-lease form, but researching and coding additional categories for analysis; identifying transcriptions errors; and developing user-friendly content and access are the main goals of the summer research project. Depending on funding and other considerations, the project may allow for travel to the UK National Archive in Kew near the end of the summer research period. The work undertaken by the selected student will help to shape an important historical resource and to facilitate analyses that will be incorporated into an ongoing research project.

Student Qualifications

The ability to work independently is essential. Significant experience with Excel or database management will be expected. A background or interest in history and/or LGBTQ studies is strongly preferred.

Number of Student Researchers

1 student

Project Length

Depending on the student’s ability to travel, 8-10 weeks

Applications open on 01/05/2018 and close on 02/05/2018

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