Project Overview

Intermolecular Structure at the Protein-Water Interface

Faculty Sponsor

Eric Muller (




The Muller lab is working to understand interactions between membrane proteins and water. Many organisms have evolved proteins that have can either prevent freezing of water or initiate nucleation of ice crystals. In particular, certain bacteria evolved the ability to nucleate ice formation, with both agricultural implications for crop loss due to frost damage and climate implications for ice-cloud formation. Our lab seeks to observe and understand these processes at a microscopic and molecular scale using newly developed spectroscopy methods. Students in my lab will learn laser spectroscopy, nanoscale measurement methods, and computational modeling. Students may also have an opportunity for research travel to perform measurements at a national research facility.

Student Qualifications

Chemistry 101/102 or Chemistry 111 or Physics 131

Number of Student Researchers

3 students

Project Length

8-10 weeks

Applications open on 01/03/2022 and close on 02/04/2022

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