Project Overview

New Chemical Tools to Study Biological Systems

Faculty Sponsor

Jacob Goldberg (




Proteins play enormously important roles in all aspects of human health and physiology. Although most proteins consist of long chains of amino acids, they adopt complex three-dimensional structures that are determined by dynamic networks of relatively weak non-covalent interactions. We will develop new tools to probe these interactions and interrogate the biological consequences of small perturbations introduced by unnatural amino acids. This project will entail the preparation and purification of short peptides (3 to 30 amino acids) and full-length proteins containing unnatural amino acids by both chemical and biological methods, as well as detailed studies of the stability, structure, and, when possible, function of these synthetic constructs. Additional projects related to the development of other chemical tools to study biological systems may also be possible. Interested students are encouraged to discuss these research opportunities with Professor Goldberg. No prior experience in chemical synthesis or biochemistry is expected.

Student Qualifications

Successful completion of Chemistry 102 or 111 by summer 2022.

Number of Student Researchers

3 students

Project Length

10 weeks

Applications open on 01/03/2022 and close on 02/04/2022

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