Project Overview

Novel Communications Encoding with Twisting Optical Beams

Faculty Sponsor

Kiko Galvez (


Physics and Astronomy


The current level of internet traffic, which uses light as a means to transfer data is reaching full capacity. One possibility to mitigate this bottleneck is by increasing the bandwidth, or ways in which the light is encoded. The project will involve investigating a new method to impart angular rotation to the optical beams by quantized amounts. This will involve generating optical beams encoded in “Poincare” modes developed at Colgate, and devise methods to decode the information. We aim to test this new technology. The project will involve laboratory work on the electro-optic manipulation of laser beams, encoding rotating modes in them, and testing methods of decoding the information.  

Student Qualifications

Physics major. Ability to work on hands-on laboratory techniques, electronics and Matlab-based programming.

Number of Student Researchers

1 student

Project Length

8 weeks

Applications open on 01/03/2022 and close on 02/04/2022

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