Project Overview


Faculty Sponsor

Georgiana Haldeman (


Computer Science


Learning to program is a cognitively demanding task, and novice programmers have to correct many misconceptions before they get it right. It has been shown that these misconceptions are shared among students and this observation gives hope for automated solutions that provide students with the proper feedback to correct their misconceptions while programming. In this project, we will look at error patterns in students’ code and at automated ways to identify them and to provide corrective feedback to misconceptions students have about program structuring and other programming concepts. Lastly, we will test how efficient these automated solutions are at correcting these misconceptions, and their overall impact on students' learning. 

Student Qualifications

COSC 101 (or the equivalent background experience) or higher 

Number of Student Researchers

2 students

Project Length

12 weeks

Applications open on 01/03/2022 and close on 02/04/2022

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