Project Overview

Understanding intermolecular interactions and nanoscale morphology in molecular materials and biological structures.  

Faculty Sponsor

Eric Muller (




Intermolecular coupling and nanometer scale ordering determine much of the properties and chemical or biological functionality. In the Muller lab, we are working to understand the structure-function relationship in molecular materials and biological systems using advanced methods in nanoscale imaging and spectroscopy. During the summer of 2020, we will be working on two related projects. Project 1): We are working to develop a new imaging and spectroscopy apparatus that combines nanometer spatial resolution with the chemical sensitivity of vibrational spectroscopy. Project 2) In this project, we are investigating biological ice nucleating particles. Certain bacteria have proteins that actually raise the freezing point of water and can form ice clouds. In collaboration with a national lab facility, we will use several advanced methods in order to understand how these bacteria use proteins to control ice formation. Students will be involved in all aspects of these projects and will learn how to work with nanoscale systems and will learn several advanced spectroscopy and imaging methods.

Student Qualifications

Introductory Chemistry or Introductory Physics.

Number of Student Researchers

3 students

Project Length

8-10 weeks

Applications open on 01/03/2020 and close on 03/11/2020

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