Project Overview

Photon experiments on quantum imaging

Faculty Sponsor

Kiko Galvez (


Physics and Astronomy


This project involves using quantum light to do some form of imaging. We currently have two ongoing projects that relate to this topic. One involves "ghost" imaging, which is a form of remote imaging where the photon light source is set up such that an object is illuminated by one photon but the camera images the other entangled partner photon. We are also doing a form of imaging of brain tissue that uses the quantum interaction of the light with the tissue as the imaging "color." The purpose is to detect Alzheimers' disease using this new method. This project is lab-based, and will involve working on generating the light beam, and detecting it. This will be a team effort of 2 students working on separate problems under the same theme.

Student Qualifications

The students need to be at least sophomore-level physics majors or equivalent experience.

Number of Student Researchers

2 students

Project Length

8 weeks

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