Project Overview

Understanding the geometry of mutual information within neuroelectric state-space

Faculty Sponsor

Bruce Hansen (


Psychological and Brain Sciences


The evoked potentials (measured by via electroencephalography) of the human visual system are known to carry information regarding the images that produce them.  However, the relationship between image statistics and macro-scale neuronal responses remains unclear.  This project will approach that problem by focusing on the full state-space of possible neural responses and investigate how those responses are mapped onto that space.  Specifically, we will map where the evoked responses to different images fall within a neural state-space and assess how much of the variance defining that space could be explained by particular image statistics.  Once mapped, we will explore different techniques for measuring the mutual information that is available about images within neural state-space.  That is, we will develop a new approach to understanding the nature of the information carried by evoked potentials.

Student Qualifications

Must possess a genuine interest in the project and be intrinsically motivated. 2) Successful completion of one or more of the following courses: Introduction to Neuroscience (NEUR 170); Biological Psychology (PSYC 275); Linear Algebra (MATH 214); Introduction to Computing (COSC 101).

Number of Student Researchers

2 students

Project Length

10 weeks

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