Project Overview

Economics Research

Faculty Sponsor

Dean Scrimgeour (




There are two major projects. The first examines attrition in the Consumer Expenditure Survey. What predicts attrition and how has this changed over time? What are the implications of attrition for measures of saving and spending in the Consumer Expenditure Survey? A student researcher on this project would study the documentation for the Consumer Expenditure Survey and prepare reports regarding attrition in the survey using Stata. The second project would construct a dataset on the appointments of Federal Reserve Board governors and Federal judges appointed to the Supreme Court and circuit courts. The dataset would include information on personal characteristics of the individuals, and details of the nomination and confirmation process as well as the duration of service. These data would be collected from historical news reports and congressional records. The project would also include preliminary analysis of these data.

Student Qualifications

Must have completed Econ 375 or equivalent. Student should be familiar with Stata or equivalent. Familiarity with the Consumer Expenditure Survey is a plus.

Number of Student Researchers

Two students

Project Length

Eight weeks

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