Project Overview

Launching a Novel: assisting an author with the publication of her second book

Faculty Sponsor

CJ Hauser (




Professor CJ Hauser teaches creative writing in the English Department. Hauser is publishing her second novel with Doubleday in July, and is looking for a student to assist in managing the publication process leading up to and following pub. This would entail gathering and disseminating publicity, social media management, keeping tour dates arranged, seeking opportunities for readings and events, managing interview requests and reviewer questions, generating content related to the book for promotions, planning a book launch event, etc. The student would be in the loop on all machinations to do with the release of the book and communications between editors, agents, and publicists, and through their assistance would get an inside look at what this process entails, as well as develop connections with established publishing industry professionals. If the student wanted to attend readings and launch events and interviews in NYC or elsewhere, they would have the option to do so. Hauser previously worked in publishing, and teaches courses about publishing culture and the politics of how books are published and discussed “in the wild” and would use the experience to help a student interested in publishing careers understand the life cycle of a book first hand. Hauser will be at work on drafting her third novel this summer and will also require more traditional research support on this front as well. 

Student Qualifications

Seeking someone well organized, creative, and self-motivating, with good writing skills, and a passion for books and reading. Someone with an interest in the publishing industry would be ideal.

Number of Student Researchers

1 student

Project Length

flexible, but ideally June 1- August 15 (10 weeks) weeks

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