Project Overview

North Urban Paestum Project 2019: Researching the Geology and Archaeology of Ancient Paestum in Southern Italy

Faculty Sponsor

Rebecca Ammerman (




Research assistant for on-going archaeological and geological project at Paestum in southern Italy is needed for 9 weeks (June 17-August 16).  The first 5 weeks will be spent participating in research activities of an excavation at the Graeco-Roman Site of Paestum. The next 4 weeks will be spent organizing and digitally archiving all documentation from the field work of the summer 2019 season. If time permits, the student will also construct a website for the archaeological project.

Student Qualifications

Students with background in archaeology, geology, classical studies, art history, and/or environmental studies would be well suited for the research.  Though not required, knowledge of Italian, skills in digital photography, video editing, GPS, and website design would be helpful. Students should be in good health and able to conduct physical labor outside in the summer heat.

Number of Student Researchers

2 students

Project Length

9 weeks

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