Project Overview

Low temperature testing of superconducting circuits

Faculty Sponsor

Ken Segall (


Physics and Astronomy


This project involves the low-temperature testing of supercondcuting circuits.  It will involve some work in the machine shop, some work with electronics, some programming to write data routines, and then cryogenic work to take the data.  Research topics include: (i) The interaction of a breather and a vortex, two complex modes in a Josephson array; (ii) the study of a fluxon, another complex mode, moving in a ratchet potential, including possible quantum tunneling; (iii) the synchronization of a disordered ladder; or (iv) the use of Josephson junctions to simulate neuron dynamics.

Student Qualifications

Physics 334 and 336.   Experience with a computer language like Matlab, Igor or Python is helpful.

Number of Student Researchers

1 student

Project Length

8 weeks

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