Project Overview

Control of sensory system progenitor cells

Faculty Sponsor

Jason Meyers (




Although injury to our retina or inner ear that damaged the sensory cells would lead to a permanent sensory deficit, in many non-mammalian species populations of neural progenitor cells are capable of fully regenerating any damaged cells leading to restoration of sensory function.  This project examines the control of those progenitor cells utilizing zebrafish as a model organism.  Within this area, projects may focus on the retina, ear, or other related sensory systems, and compare the signaling environment that leads to initial development of the sensory organs with the signaling after injury.  Students will utilize genetic analysis, pharmacological and genetic manipulation of key signaling pathways, and microscopy to track the development and regeneration of the cells.

Student Qualifications

Biol 182 OR Neur 170

Number of Student Researchers

2 students

Project Length

10 weeks

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