Project Overview

Exploring Martian climate through mapping of glacial and permafrost landforms

Faculty Sponsor

Joe Levy (




How has Mars’s climate evolved over the past billion years, and what does that mean for the prospect of recent or extant life on the red planet? This project is aimed at measuring the extent, thickness, and flow history of martian glacial, fluvial, and permafrost landforms. Students will map boulder size and distribution across a range of landscapes using high-resolution satellite images and cutting-edge stereo topographic models to determine where ice accumulated, where it flowed, and what it means for the habitability of the subsurface. Outstanding student work will be showcased through poster presentations with NASA collaborators in Houston the following March.

Student Qualifications

Experience with GIS and/or ArcMap is strongly preferred, but enthusiasm for planetary science is most important.

Number of Student Researchers

3 students

Project Length

10 weeks

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