Project Overview

Cellular Responses to Mammalian Reovirus Infection

Faculty Sponsor

Geoff Holm (




Projects in the Holm lab aim to understand cellular responses to infection with mammalian reovirus. Reoviruses infect many mammalian species, including humans, but are rarely associated with human disease. Accordingly, they serve as a useful model for undergraduate-focused studies of virus replication, virus-cell interactions, and viral pathogenesis. Reoviruses are also in clinical trials as cancer therapeutics, in a process known as "oncolytic virotherapy" where tumors are infected with virus in order to induce virus- or immune-mediated clearance of tumor cells. Summer research projects are focused on understanding how host cells respond to, and inhibit, reovirus infection, and how the host cell metabolic environment facilitates preferential reovirus replication in tumor cells.

Student Qualifications

Biology 182 required, and declared or intended Biology/Molecular Biology major.
Completing a 200-level or higher Biology elective is preferred.

Number of Student Researchers

2 students

Project Length

10 weeks

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