Project Overview

Understanding and Engineering Ruthenium Catalysts for Hydrogenation Reactions

Faculty Sponsor

Anthony Chianese (




This NSF-funded project is directed at the development and mechanistic characterization of ruthenium catalysts for the hydrogenation and dehydrogenation of polar bonds. This project has potential significance in the sustainable storage of solar energy and for the environmentally friendly synthesis of important chemicals. As research results are obtained, the eventual outcomes will be: 1) publication in high-impact journals in the field with the undergraduate students as co-authors, and 2) faculty and student presentation of the research results at national meetings of the American Chemical Society. The group has a strong history of achieving both these outcomes in the past. For example, since 2007 the Chianese group has published 11 peer-reviewed papers, with 27 different Colgate students included as co-authors. A list of student-coauthored publications is available at

Student Qualifications

Interested students should be taking Chemistry classes, and should intend to major in Chemistry or Biochemistry. Students are encouraged to join the group early in their Colgate career, to have the best chance of making a sustained contribution to the research. 

Number of Student Researchers

4 students

Project Length

10 weeks

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